Shoo Flu…Don’t Bother Me- My Mamma’s Remedies

It’s unfortunately that time of year…the Flu has arrived, and it’s nastier than ever.  High fever, horrible body aches, chills, migraine, no appetite…you name it-this years strain of Flu is bringing it.  I was unlucky enough to be a Flu victim for the last 6 days,  but blessed enough that my Mamma happens to live next door.  One word….Hallelujah!  I wanted to bring a few of my Mamma’s staple survival remedies for when her cubs got sick to the rest of my Flu-suffering tribe.

Honey-Ginger-Lemon Tea


This tea is perfect for the Flu or any common cold.  The lemon helps detoxify, Ginger helps settle your stomach and fight nausea while the honey will coat a sore throat.


*Organic, Local Honey

*Fresh Ginger


*Hot Water


1. Heat water in a water pot or in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes or until hot.

2.  Nickel sized amount of honey in the bottom of a tea cup

3. Cut about 3-4 small slices of ginger and add to bottom of the tea cup

4. Squeeze a small amount of lemon into tea cup and add one medium sized slice of lemon

5. Add hot water and Voila! A yummy throat and tummy soothing concoction!

Organic Homemade Chicken NoodleChickenSoup-720

Homemade chicken soup done with the WHOLE CHICKEN, bones included, have far more health benefits than just the store bought soups.  Medical Studies have shown that the “Bone broth” that will develop from this kind of chicken noodle soup helps ‘heal and seal your gut’, promotes healthy digestion, reduces joint pain and inflammation, Inhibits infection, and more.  Homemade chicken stock contains more of the natural amino acid called Cysteine, which can thin the mucus in your lungs and make it less sticky so you can expel it more easily.  If you have a stuffy head cold, make sure to add plenty of spices and pepper to the soup, because these spices will trigger a sudden release of water based fluids in your throat, mouth and lungs which helps diminish respiratory fluid.  Aside from potential medical benefits, it feels amazing on your throat and the addition of fresh ginger will help settle your stomach, on top of it all…it just tastes delicious!  You will probably have to be like me and have your mom, other family member for friend make this for you because you’lll be a bump on a log (justifiably) in bed.


* 3- 3.5 lbs (1 whole) Chicken, skinned

*1 large carrot, peeled

*1.5 stalks celery

*1.5 small onion, peeled and left whole

*1/2 medium turnip

*1/2 bunch fresh thyme

*Organic Sea Salt

*Freshly Cracked Black Pepper


Place the chicken in large soup pot (one big enough to later hold chicken plus all other ingredients, with at least 4 inches left at the top) and cover it with water. Bring to a light boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to gentle simmer.

Cook, skimming occasionally, for 1 hour, or until the chicken is tender enough to pull easily from the bone.

Use a pair of large tongs and a large ladle to remove the chicken from the pot, holding it over the pot for a few seconds to allow chicken cavity to drain.

Remove bones and skin, discard, then set chicken meat aside. Season the chicken broth with salt and pepper, then place the chicken meat back in the pot with the whole vegetables; add water to cover everything by an inch or two.

Bring to a simmer and cook, skimming occasionally, for 1 hour.

Grate the ginger, put it into a square of cheesecloth and squeeze it out into the broth.

Add the fresh thyme with ladle while cooking in pot, if you prefer; or wait until soup has cooled, then cut and reheat before serving.


Whenever I am sick, I love LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE nothing more than a hot bath…but I like to kick it up a notch because to me, it makes me feel so much better.  I love to add Cold and Flu bath salts (to the bath-NOT TO DIGEST) and a handful of coconut oil.  The bath salts will help detoxify and soothe muscle aches, while the coconut oil will moisturize your drying out skin (probably from being dehydrated) and make it feel luxuriously soft.  If you don’t have the cold and flu soak salts lying around in bulk like I do, any epsom salts from the grocery store will work…but here’s the catch…you need to use the WHOLE bag…Yes…I said that correctly, THE. WHOLE. BAG.  you need to do this because most recommended doses for your bath are not high enough to see much benefit, you’re probably seeing more benefit from the hot water relaxing your muscles than anything else.  To really get a great detox, you need the power of that whole bag and those minerals to really pull out the toxins.  Trust me when I say, I was a non-whole-bag-believer until I caved and tried…and now I must say…once you go full bag, you’ll never go back.

                   cold-flu-soak-2lbs-sideways-250                      Nutiva-Coconut-Oil-54-fl-oz.jpg.thumb_593x900

1. San Francisco Salt Company Cold & Flu Soak

2. Nutiva Coconut Oil 

(This oil is my favorite because it is Peanut oil free (i’m deathly allergic to peanuts) and it is surprisingly difficult to find coconut oil without peanut contamination.  I find mine most of the time at Whole Foods)

The key to any illness? HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION.  




My secret weapon to staying hydrated it sipping on TYR Endurance Sport Drink.  It is am amazing sports drink that I’ve become obsessed with.  Tastes great, less sugar than gatorade and has functional benefits? SIGN. ME. UP.

It contains Quercetinis an antioxidant that promotes the body’s natural ability to manage inflammation, both during and after the exertion, for more stamina and faster recovery.  TYR Endurance Sport incorporates a superior form of Quercetin called Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin (EMIQ) that is 100% water soluble and has been shown in pre-clinical studies to be absorbed by the body at higher rates than other forms of Quercetin.

Carbohydrate Complex utilizes multiple gastrointestinal transport mechanisms to deliver more performance without digestive side effects.

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is a catechin commonly found in Green Tea Extract that supports human metabolism, improving efficiency and increasing absorption of other ingredients.

This drink hydrates me like no other where I actually feel physical benefits, so much so that I use it for workouts as well and is a life saver the morning after too many Mambo Taxis (you Dallasites know what I’m talking about).

OPEN UP THOSE AIRWAYS AND SWALLOW WITH EASE with these get better staples: 

I am #OBSESSED with Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea, it soothes my throat and cough without tasting like ‘LE CREPE’.  Vicks is an old school remedy that my Mamma used to slather on us as kids, and it is still a staple in my medicine cabinet.  I put it on my chest and upper back, under my nose and down my throat on the paths of the ear canal whenever I have a head cold.  Works like a charm and helps me breathe all night.  Not to mention, anything is comforting that reminds you of your Mamma when you’re sick.RIC-30146-0     imgres

1.  Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea

2. Vicks VapoRub



You probably think i’m NUTS! But this is one of the best ear ache soothers out there and it may be just sitting in your kitchen.  When we were little my mom would heat up a russet potato in the microwave until hot, and then she’d wrap them in a dish towel, and we’d use them as a heat compress on our ears and ear canal.  I know….”Ahhhhhhhhh- so good”.  The potatoes stay hot WAY longer than a heating pad does, and you’re also ditching the pricey ticket most of the drug store heating pads hold.  Trust me, if you try it, you won’t regret it.

Now, get some rest and relax!

Well wishes! xx


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