Bridesmaid Gift Guide


To all my fellow, soon to be, Bridechillas:

Getting engaged is a total whirlwind…amazing, incredible and one of the happiest times of your life.  Then as you ladies all know too well, the craziness sets in…the impending planning, color palettes, bridal party selection and guests lists are enough to make a bride-chillas head spin like a bad scene from the Exorcist.  Y’all know theres a lot of crazy that pops up when it comes to planning a wedding, so keeping cool and treating yourself to a great glass of wine, bubble bath, and movie night date with YOURSELF, ALONE…is a MUST! Doctors orders 🙂 …if I were a doctor…but, I think i’m pretty smart, so y’all should take my advice or forever be known as that usually pretty cool, laid-back chick that went from Bridechilla to Bridezilla, with a dash of Gone Girl,  in 5 seconds flat.  You have to take some time for  yourself, because whether you want to face it or not, wedding planning is an amazing, but crazy process that can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

Now, enough of the bride shop talk…on to the fun stuff!

My favorite part of wedding planning so far, other than getting the location, has been picking my bridal party…oh yea, and getting the dreamy guy in the end ;).  For me, picking my Bridal party was easy…they’re all an amazing gift from the big man upstairs, and I don’t know what I would do without them…actually, if some of you weren’t in my life, i’d still have a real front tooth, I’d probably only be on my 5th cellphone instead of 10th, a few less scars on my knees, and I’d have no one to blackmail me with embarrassing photos and videos from high school, college or Super Bowl 2014 😉 but I wouldn’t trade any of y’all for the world or my real front tooth back!  So, landing my plane, what better way to show some appreciation to your Matrimony Homies than to give them the best Bridesmaid gifts ever…amiright?!

So thankfully for y’all, i’ve come up with an amazing list of some of my favorite products (in all prices ranges), to spoil your Matrimony Homies. Pick a few of your favorite items, or pull a ‘Helen’ from Bridesmaids and give out freaking puppies…whatever floats your boat, after all, it is YOU AND YOUR MANS day!  Sidenote…if you give out puppies…I’d appreciate an invite 🙂  

Browse our ‘Bridesmaid Gift Guide’ for lots of fun and unique ideas and my product reviews!

Happy Bridechilla-ing!



Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.42.12 AMIn Clockwise order:

Bridesmaid Care Package, Packed Party.

*One of my favorite and go-to brands for the ultimate and unique care package.  The presentation is not only adorable, but with themed packages like ‘Miss You Bitch’ and ‘You Don’t Need Him Anyway’, it’s no wonder this brand is so successful and easy to fall in love with.  The ultimate girls brand that we love to support, not to mention, The Bridesmaid package will have your Matrimony Minions jaws dropping with excitement.  Be ready for your newest addiction!

Gemstone Bracelet Sets, Blaine Bowen. 

*One of my favorites and the perfect layering gift for an awesome price!  All unique and authentic gemstones, and on top of it if you contact our shop, we will customize a set in your weddings color palette.  As they say in Paris…Oui Oui…what a steal…SYKE! I just say that.

Gemstone Necklace, Blaine Bowen

*This necklace is another favorite from our Spring Collection, and will make the perfect dainty layering piece for your bridesmaids.  I love the versatility and how it can go with anything, wear it alone or pile it on with your other faves.  Your bridesmaids will be ‘oo’ing and ahhh’ing’ over this piece, and no one would ever guess the steal of a price you got it for!

Yes Way Rose Tank, Blaine Bowen 

*Because Heeeeyyy Girrllll heeyyyy! What is a bridal gift without a fun graphic tee?!  We love this boxy tank and its oversized fit (Note: order a size up if you have a long torso), don’t like the tank? It comes in other styles!  This fun, super soft tee is sure to get the good vibes flowin’ around your bride-peeps.

Pink Mini Champagne, Moet & Chandon 

*Did someone say Pink Champagne? In a mini bottle? SIGN. ME. UP.  These bottles are not only adorable, but you can get bulk pricing on them as well…SCORE.

Gemstone Wine Stop, Blaine Bowen

Because what is a Bridal Gift without something to cork the fun juice with? The icing on the cake is that it gets to be as cute as our genuine gemstone and steel wine stop, at a steal of a price!  It’s sure to keep your wine fresh and keep the fun-vibes flowing for another day.  Because let’s face it, real friends don’t let friends waste wine.

‘But First, Champagne’ Tote, Hayden Olivia Shop

ERMAHGERD.  If you know me, you know I only use this term when I get beyond stoked on life.  THESE BAGS-I am OBSESSED!  I just purchased 7 for my own lovely Bridal Minions and I could NOT be more excited to pack the rest of the girls goodies in these cute bags.  I plan on using them as the “wrapping” for their other gifts, because let’s be real…the fanciest gift wrap has nothing on these bags.  They are amazing quality, and the leather handles…i’m obsessed.  It also doesn’t have the junky screen printing look that some items can get.  These bags are big, so they’d be perfect for a Bachelorette at the beach to tote all your goodies around in.  Hayden Olivia Shop has several other options like “My Weekends are Booked, #bridesmaidformybestie” and “He Asked, I Said Yes #popthechampagne”, just to name a few favorites.  I also LOVE the fun hashtags on the bags.  If you want a gift that is beyond …these bags are for you.

Bridal 2015 Polish Collection, Essie

Nail polish in your wedding colors? YAAAAASSS, please.  Essie is affordable and has some of the prettiest shades I ever did see.  They are a great price, so purchasing in bulk for your girls doesn’t make you feel like you’re going to barf with buyers remorse.

Satin Kimono, Show Me Your Mumu

Looking for something cute for everyone to wear on wedding day? These Satin Kimonos from Show Me Your Mumu are beyond cute and soft.  They also come in a few different prints, or stick with this classic and pretty blush pink.

Stranger Danger Lip Lube, LAQA&CO

One of my favorite lip glosses with color and lasts for so long.  I am obsessed with this brand!  This lip lube is light and glossy, and is also hydrating.  So it won’t dry out those pretty wedding day pouts or fade in an odd way…unless your smoochin’ that new fine hubby, or your MOH landed the fellow hottie groomsmen…then I have no guarantees!  But this stuff is beyond addictive, and has  a peppermint-shea butter formula…I mean, need I say more?

Tahitian Coconut Colada Candle, Candle-lite

“BOOM!…Clap…the sound of my heart”…that’s all the info you need on this product.  The MOST amazing smelling candle on this fine planet and makes me feel like I’m back home in the Bahamas taking a vanilla and Coconut Bubble bath.  If you aren’t sold on that…you and Simon Cowell should be BFFs.


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