Festival Survival Guide

A few of my favorite items to have you prepared and Coachella bound in style.

xx BB

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 2.23.02 PM

From Clockwise:

(Click  for direct links)

1.  Yes Way Rosé Soft Boxy Tank, Blaine Bowen

2. Festival Bracelets, Blaine Bowen 

3. Sterling Silver Elephant Ring, Blaine Bowen 

4. Boho Necklace, Blaine Bowen 

5. Sunglasses, Quay Australia 

6. Lip and Cheek gloss, Givenchy 

7. Emergen-C, Walgreens/Most supermakets and Drugstores

8. Mascara, Clinique 

9. Backpack, Rebecca Minkoff 

10. Power station Plus, Mophie

11. Lace Bra, Madewell

12. Sandals, Aeropostale 

13. Gemstone Ring, Blaine Bowen 

14. Sterling Silver Tribal Ring, Blaine Bowen 

15. Denim Cutoffs, One Teaspoon 

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