‘B Here Now’ Campaign

IMG_6149What up Lovas?! 

So, it has been WAY long since we’ve made a post, and especially long since I personally have made one…we’ve been working on so many amazing things and this Campaign is something we have been so excited about for MONTHS now! It is finally here, our ‘B Here Now’ Campaign.

What’s this about you ask? Well, let me tell ya! The concept of ‘Be Here Now’ started for me this past Christmas when I was back home in the Bahamas with my family. The island we’ve grown up on since we were babes and spend months out of the year on, is called, ‘Cat Island’. It’s an out Island in the Bahamas that has a population of 1,500 and is only 48 miles long from North to South and is as small as a mile wide in some places. CRAZY and BEAUTIFUL!


Cat Island Sunset Over my Parents House


Finding Starfish in the ‘Creek’ on our families property with my sister, her boyfriend and my now Fiance.

(don’t worry, they were all put back after this photo).

Whenever we head down to ‘Cat’, we do so knowingly that internet is rare, and if we have it, we use up the data in a hot second which usually ends in a family game of ‘Who Done It’…my vote is typically for: My Sister, in the kitchen with her weapon of choice ‘Hulu’ aka live streaming that sucks up data in a hot second. But, sometimes it’s secretly me with Instagram posts.  It’s a toss up, but NONE of us want to admit to any of this on a secluded island in a house with your internet loving family.  So, back to the Campaign…we were having New Years at our family friend’s hotel, Fernandez Bay , all of us kids and our parents have been friends since we were babies and we have expanded our group as more families come over the years.  That night, I was having a conversation with a family friend from France, where she mentioned how much she’d seen me on my ‘celly’ (This was definitely so true, because Fernandez has the best reception and usually is where I did most of our social posting from, since photos would never load from my parents with the limited reception) She told me,

“Look up girl, look around you, what are you going to find in there that’s better than what you have here?”

There we were on this secluded bay, the stars insanely bright – you can see the milky way almost every night, shooting stars happen often enough that we one time made a drinking game out of it – and it’s a beautiful night surrounded by friends and family. Why did I even give a crap about Instagram or what was happening on my phone?  To me, this was insane, and having it pointed out really put things in check for me.  Anytime we are there, I am usually stressing about work emails coming through, and making the proper scheduled posts when I take them over over Christmas.  Looking back at all the time I wasted there checking emails, writing texts, and checking social actually drives me insane now.  I think our family friend could see the horror of what I was doing playing across my face, because she grabbed my chin, looked me dead in the eyes and said,

“Darling, you just have to BE. BE HERE, not there (as she gestures to my ‘celly’), right now is what matters…and right now is BEAUTIFUL, if you just look up girl, and look around you.”

Ever since that conversation, ‘Be Here Now’ has always been a mantra to me and I try my best to utilize it as much as I can.  Of course, I am human and lose sight of it sometimes, but all it takes is a little reminder to put me back in check.

I wanted a great way to bring the message and practice to everyone who was willing; a little reminder for everyone to be in the moment and not focus so closely on social media and living life through a screen.  I came up with the idea of making bracelet sets to represent the “Be Here Now” message, but needed a cute way to display the message.  Instead of doing this on my own, I wanted to find our perfect next collaboration, and that’s where our new friends Little Words Project came into the picture…let’s just say, everything turned out ‘picture perfect’.  Catch our sets below that we collaborated on with Little Words Project and our sweet ‘B Here Now’ message:




Collaborating with a brand that mirrored our values was my top priority.  Thankfully, we randomly connected via Instagram with Little Words because they are all we could have hoped for and more to work with.  Little Words Project is heavily involved in their community and are always looking for causes to support with important messages. Not to mention, their stuff is beyond cute, right?!  They are the WHOLE Package that we here at BB have a ‘Woman Crush Everyday’ on and I’m addicted to their bracelets!  We could not have found a better match, and we think these sets came out pretty damn perfect!  What’s even better is that we have chosen to donate 20% of the proceeds of these set to VDAY, a Global Initiative that aims to end Violence against Women and Girls.  Read more about them HERE.

We want everyone who wears these bracelets to remember to be in the moment, and appreciate what is going on around them.  It’s something where I wanted people to be able to look down and get a sweet and pretty reminder that could potentially make them put that cell phone down while their friend is talking, put their phone/computer away and actually, REALLY WATCH, that movie or the sports game.  It seems like today a cell phone is an extension of our bodies, and during this campaign, we are going to challenge you to ditch the cell phone habit.

I think we all miss out on a lot of ‘real life’ today and really embracing what we have.  Social media isn’t real.  It’s what everyone wants you to think is real.  I don’t see the point anymore in really taking my free time and spending it browsing the best portrayal of other peoples lives, instead of trying to make the best of my own.  It’s important to go outside, experience new things, engage and be present with the places you are in and the people you are with.  Instead of incessantly ‘liking’ what others are doing or places they are traveling to, I’d rather focus on making my own memories on the weekend.  I want that time off.  Don’t get me wrong, technology has made it easier to keep in touch with friends, make new ones, and market a small business. I’ll never hate on that.  Social Media to me, is great, just in small doses and at appropriate times.  However, it has all been taken to a ridiculous extreme where too much importance and time is spent on things like social media image and projecting this exhausting, perfected version of yourself.  The downside is that technology has also made it easier for you to be accessible 24/7 whether it’s to your boss, co workers, clients, customers or even friends. Which is why we are encouraging our followers to really step back and check out of social media, emails and work on the weekends.  Checking out of it actually helps you check back in to reality, because sometimes seeing everyones ‘perfections’ and successes spewed across the internet can sometimes make you feel like you aren’t doing as great or should be doing better. That’s when you need to focus on you and fulfilling your own happiness, instead of comparing yours to others.  Because trust me, everyone has their own crap going on, they just aren’t about to let you know 🙂 I think if you actually try this, which I hope you do, it will get easier to disconnect and actually be somewhat cathartic. 

I’ve been at dinners with friends and notice that EVERY ONE OF US is on our phones.  I mean, Holy Hell why did we even get together in the first place?  It’s actually really annoying to talk to someone who is scrolling through Instagram (I’m guilty myself in the past). Being on your phone in social settings sends a message of, ‘Whats going on in here, is more important to me than what is going on at this table.’  I was actually just on my Bachelorette party and noticed we were all focused on getting the prettiest shots for Instagram, re-doing photos over and over and posting right in that moment. Towards the end of the trip, it actually became really exhausting.  I’ve just decided for things like that, some pics will do but the posting, status updates, snapchats and emails can wait until later.  I want to enjoy being in the moment more and focusing on my relationships and the place i’m in, because life it short and I don’t want it to pass by knowing I didn’t get the most out of great moments. 


We are challenging all of our followers to go ‘ANTI SOCIAL/ take a SOCIAL MEDIA VOW OF SILENCE’ from:

3pm on Fridays, until 9:00pm on Sundays for the month of October

For you addicts, at least try one weekend! 

That means: 

*NO POSTING, NO BROWSING, NO SEARCHING, NO HASHTAGGIN’, NO NUTHIN’ on social media on the weekends during the month of October.  It will be hard at first…breaking any habit is, including social media habits you may not even realize you’ve developed.

You can still take photos.  We actually want you to take photos of what you were doing while you were social free, you just have to wait until Sunday evening to post.  When you post your photos, let everyone know that awesome hiking pic is a #latergram from when you were social media free over the weekend.  Let us know how it felt and be sure to hashtag #BHERENOW #BANTISOCIAL for a chance to win a gift bag full of tons of awesome swag and $100 BB Gift Card, the first week of November.

*Each time you post a photo with the hashtags, it counts as an entry for our giveaway

*Purchasing one of the bracelet sets counts as 10 ENTRIES!

*Posting a photo of your bracelet set with the Hashtags: #BBXLWP #BHERENOW counts as ANOTHER 10 ENTIRES! ERRRMAHGERD…is all I have to say. 

NOVEMBER 1ST ALL ENTRIES WILL BE TALLIED and a winner will be chosen at random November 4th. 


We want this to be a fun experience for you, so we encourage you to do some fun things below: 

*Host an ‘Unplugged’ Party, have everyone place their phones in a basket or bowl when they come in and have designated breaks for people to check their phones.

*Make a game out of it, ex: first person to pull out their phone at the bar/dinner has to take a shot/drink (if you’re of age of course) 

*Create a phone pile at the center of your table at girls night with all of your phones on silent.  Stack them and the first person to pick up their phone, picks up the tab. 

Don’t forget to take photos and hashtag #BHERENOW #BANTISOCIAL if y’all do this so you can be entered in our giveaway! 

A fun way to check how much you use your phone is to download the app ‘Checky’.  It tells you how much you check your phone, and honestly, after we did it, the results were pretty scary.   





Left Side: CLEOPATRA Set, Right Side: MALDIVES Set

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