Did anyone hang anywhere interesting on their phones this weekend?  I most definitely did not, and let me tell you…it was liberating.

As we kicked off our first weekend of our ‘B Here Now’ Campaign (learn more HERE), I of course took the plunge as well on Social Free weekends.  After doing it, I truly believe this is something everyone should make a point to try, at least once.  No Instagram, No work email checking, No SnapChat, No Facebook/Twitter, etc.  I didn’t hike Mt. Everest or write a novel, I didn’t venture out anywhere new in Dallas I’d never been before…I actually did, well, absolutely nothing.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.

I stopped my social on Friday morning and did the same for our business accounts.  While I had a few slip ups on browsing here and there, I only did it twice the whole weekend, before Id quickly remember to hop on off.  This weekend, I didn’t work the whole weekend for the first time in as long as I can remember, it is not often a luxury you get when you run your own company, but I’m trying to make a point of having my own life and taking time for myself.  Friday night I went on a run, made dinner for me and my 3 fluff nuggets, did some Fall Cleaning/anti-hoarding and went to bed early.  For anyone who knows me, going to bed early/before 3am is just not in my repertoire.  If you wake me up early, you best have a puppy or pancakes with you, if you want to live.

Saturday was amazing, or perhaps amazing with some ‘ermahgerd’ sprinkled on top…ERMAZING.  I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  The extent of my physical activity was taking my 3 dogs on a walk, which is normally more of a comedy routine for my neighbors.  Yea, I just totally don’t have this walking 3 dogs at once thing down.  I was supposed to take a City Surf workout class in the morning, but recently it appears I’m getting Carpal Tunnel from all the jewelry making I do, so it sidelined me for the weekend.  If anyone else has Carpal Tunnel, God Bless you.

My Saturday consisted of a marathon movie session with my dogs and an ice pack aka ‘THE BOO-BOO BEAR’ when I was little; it could not have been a more amazing day/night.  I put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and put it on the floor next to my bed, so I wasn’t tempted to look at it.  I watched SO many movies.  I started out with King Solomon’s Mines with Patrick Swayze (I miss him in movies), Honey I Shrunk the Kids (no joke, this happened and I loved every minute of it), A Little Princess (If you have never seen this movie you’re committing a life crime, and should probably Netflix it ASAP if you know what’s good for you) and then finally I ended my evening with Age of Adaline…THREE TIMES…KID YOU NOT.  I can’t remember the last time I fully paid attention to a movie, let alone watched the same one 3 times in a night.

Blake Lively first off, is my all time favorite and life icon.  I think everything she does is amazing and I love how business-minded, family oriented and private she is.  She is not caught up in Hollywood and the social media frenzy, and is known to be one of the most down to earth celebrities out there.  She is actually closing her lifestyle website ‘PRESERVE’ because it is ‘not serving its original mission and purpose’ and she wants to start over…with all the internet haters, and snarky commenters, the increasingly boundary-less space between social media, forums, tabloids, and other forms of rapid-fire hot take journalism.  I mean, HELLO-HOW BRAVE to admit a roadblock and take it head on.  She doesn’t care what others think, because it’s about her and her vision.  So Buh-Bye Wild West of Online, Anonymous haters, Blake Lively don’t give a hoot.

Just another reason a break from social was absolutely amazing.  It can be so exhausting to see all the hatred and negativity spewed across a platform that can and should be used to do so much good, but some just use it to be, well…just plain mean.  No one is immune, not even myself and I’m a small brand.  We’ve had people comment about my make up, how they hate a certain style, and one commenter said they noticed the stretch marks on my legs…Well Bravo inspector gadgets…I do have stretch marks and I like my make up and our styles…but I hope it made your day that much better to put it all out there on social 🙂 But now you can Bugger Off!  Honestly, the comments section of Instagram can be enough to want to give yourself a life enema for people.

Anyways, back to the real important things in life, Age of Adaline…This movie was INSANELY GOOD.  Michiel Huisman, my Game of Thrones and Dutch Dreamboat…I mean, this movie has my Man Crush and Woman Crush in it…if you haven’t seen this movie you totally need to.  If anything do it for Blake Lively’s wardrobe which she helped style, it’s unreal.

I woke up Sunday and felt so revived.  Spending the day before just hanging out with myself, my dogs, doing absolutely nothing and being 110% beyond happy with that, was so cathartic.  This social media/work free weekend couldn’t have started at a better time as this was also my LAST WEEKEND as a Bachelorette.  My Fiancé, Jordan, is currently as I type, driving from Las Vegas to Dallas to move into our new home.  So taking the time for myself this weekend to really enjoy my last moments of female freedom (let’s be real, I can’t be tamed and have no intentions of giving up my ‘freedom’, just a little closet and bathroom space 😉 ) and living on my own, in my own space, was really important to me.  So to really have disconnected from the world this weekend and focus on myself and whatever I WAS WANTING at the time, was so amazing.  The quiet and just ultimate peace that I found by being so beyond happy with just the company and entertainment of myself (and of course my pups), is extremely empowering.


Peace and quiet at my parents house with my pup Moglie.

To land my plane, this weekend went pretty damn well without any distractions, self-inflicted work stress, social media obligations or browsing of social media.  I am actually finding myself dreading a bit getting back into the social hustle and bustle.  Doing something so small really did have a huge effect on me, and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for Friday.  I really would LOVE to hear if any of you are taking an, ‘ANTI-SOCIAL’ weekend with us, and be sure to tag #BHERENOW #BANTISOCIAL with your thoughts on your social free weekend, for a chance to win our awesome swag gift bag and $100 BB gift card!  If anything, forget the goodies, the best gift you can give yourself is by going social free one weekend, I promise, you’ll like it 🙂



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