The Candy Cleanse


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Halloween has come and gone leaving a trail of empty candy wrappers in its wake. Did you take part in this candy overconsumption? We all know those wonderfully, delicious treats aren’t good for us, but from time to time who doesn’t indulge in one, or three, or seven?

To help you come down from your sugar high we have compiled a list of sugar facts and body cleansing ideas. Hopefully, with the help of this information we won’t lose ourselves in the Holiday goodies yet to come!!

America’s Favorite Candy

Let’s start off by looking at what each state’s favorite Halloween candy was this year. The Influencer, an online product review platform, surveyed over 40,000 people and found that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were America’s favorite candy. What does your state look for in their candy buckets? Find out here.


Not so Fun Size

Are you curious what the sugar count in your favorite ‘Fun Size’ Halloween goody is? Check it out here! There is nothing ‘fun’ about these statistics…


Did you know, sugar is 8 times more addictive than COCANE?! No wonder the candy bucket is emptied faster than E! creates a new reality show. Have you ever wondered why this is? Click here to learn 10 reasons why we are addicted to this sweet substance.

FLC Syndrome

What is FLC Syndrome you may ask? It’s definitely something I have dealt with and probably the majority of readers too; Feel Like Crap Syndrome. FLC Syndrome has symptoms including gas, joint and muscle pain, reflux, mood problems, and allergy symptoms. If you experience these symptoms or are just looking to be a little healthier try Dr. Hyman’s 10 day detox. You can find the Doctor’s article here and read up on 10 amazing tips and reasons why you should take part in a 10-day sugar detox.


Be Prepared

One of the best ways to make sure you stick to a clean eating plan is to have healthy snacks prepared. I always keep a packet of crackers with me when I go to work or I’m running errands. However, after learning about hidden sugar, sadly, my “healthy” cracker snack has been put to shame. Here are some healthy quick snack options found in Dr. Hyman’s Emergency Food Pack. You can keep some of these items in your purse, desk, or even your car so you’re never be caught off guard when hunger strikes.

Need a little more help? Click here for 4 easy steps to cleanse your body. With a little will power everyone should be able to do these.

Shape Magazine always has advice for living healthier. Check out this article that gives more information on how to detox your body. The last one may surprise you!

For more tips and tricks for eating healthier and detoxing, check out our Pintrest.

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