Introducing Holiday 2015

Math isn’t always everyone’s favorite subject in school. The lines, position of lines and shapes make geometry a confusing and dizzy subject. But in fashion, the same shapes and lines turn into a beautiful, tessellating statement. Geometric patterns can be minimalistic or wild, and in the new Holiday 2015 collection, Blaine has created a balance that is the best of both worlds. Let the lines of this collection bring to life the magic of the winter season. Get lost in the sparkles as they reflect off enchanting metals. Layer these dainty beauties with larger geometrics to turn an outfit from careful to courageous or wear them alone for an effortlessly fashionable look.

Trust us, wearing geometrics is easier than any math problem you’ve ever solved.

Already shopped the collection? Show us how you wear it! Just use #blainebowen on social media…We’d love to feature you!


Herve Leger Phone Case, Blaine Bowen James Bracelet, Kenneth Cole Pumps, Blaine Bowen Tala Studs, Zara Geometric Scarf, H&M Sequin SkirtBlaine Bowen Sable Ring, Blaine Bowen Cyrena Studs, Karren Walker Sunglasses, Tory Burch Fret Patchwork Tote

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