Thankful Thursday

“Be thankful for all the good.  Each day you have is a blessing from God…

ENJOY LIFE.”-Anonymous


Hello Nuggets!

We’re switching things up a little bit this ‘BB Thankful Thursday’, due to the increase in sad and disturbing events taking place around the world.  We put our ‘common sense caps’ on today, and decided that hiding an unmarked-random package in a public place would be beyond dumb.  Recent events have sparked a lot of interesting and valuable conversations amongst my friends and family, which gave me honest perspective on what I am thankful for.

I am thankful of course for my family, friends and my health.  However, I think something we all take for granted every day is being thankful for our Freedom and opportunities.  I am thankful for military troops and their families that keep us safe, and their sacrifices in order to allow the rest of us to be truly free.  I am thankful to, currently, be able to say what I want and have my own views.  I am thankful to be a woman who started and owns her own business…a right that many women could only dream about.  I am thankful for the idea and hopes of a brighter future for our World, and doing everything I possibly can to leave a positive mark during my time here.

This brings me to our new ‘Pay It Forward Collection’ product…our ‘Bit of Change’ Penny necklaces with 18k rose gold-filled chain , and our Macrame ‘Bit of Change’ bracelets.  These hand stamped pennies will be able to be stamped with ‘Change’, ‘Be The Change’ or ‘Lucky’.  You’ll have your choice of the following organizations you’d like your purchase to benefit:

(Note: We are not affiliated with any of the below organizations)


Military Working Dog Program

Wounded Warrior Project

Operation Kindess


Our ‘Bit of Change’ collection will be launching Thanksgiving Day!  Be on the lookout for the Collection here!  Blaine Bowen Pay It Forward Collection

We hope you all love it as much as we do!


Now, back to our ‘Thankful Thursday’ Package!  Since we aren’t hiding a package around Dallas today, we are going to do a giveaway to all of our followers.  To be eligible to win, you need to tag at least 1 person you’re thankful for in our comments section on Instagram.  A winner will be chosen tomorrow at random and tagged in the comments section that they won.

The winner will receive all the goodies in this photo, a $300 Value, along with a 40% off Discount Card for themselves and everyone they tagged in the comments section.





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