Festive, Frugal, and Fun DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


Hey Babes! Christmas will be here before you know it and that means the gifting season is here as well! We know this can be a crazy expensive time of year, but why go in debt when you can just get creative?!

This year why not stay at home, get your hands messy, and make gifts that your friends and family will actually WANT! Not saying a gift card or sweater isn’t an awesome gift… but I think you may find a few other ideas below that could be perfect for everyone on your list!


If you saw our last blog post about the perfect DIY Spa Day then you might have already seen some excellent DIY gift ideas for your spa loving friends. However, if you didn’t and you have some friends who need to relax, then take a look at these great DIY Spa ideas.


When it comes to exfoliating, this Coffee Scrub is amazing! Whip a big batch of this up and place a few scoops in glass jars wrapped in twine or ribbon and you are a gifting genius.

The Sweetest Occasion- DIY Entertaining

For your candle loving friends we have these cute cupcake candles you can make in an afternoon.


If getting covered in candle wax isn’t your thing, what about making the glass jars candles sit in? These cute jars are fun to make and to receive.


Short on time, but still wanting a great DIY gift idea? Try this 5-minute Lip Balm recipe!



I remember growing up and bringing my legos from room to room. Then… at night cringing in pain as I step on all the abandoned legos! Try making this super easy Lego Tray. Perfect for anyone who loves legos or building the newest Star Wars starship (we are excited for the new movie).

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.56.58 PM

Who doesn’t love getting a gift they can use right away?! Whether you have kiddos or childlike adults, these christmas tree crayons are amazing! If you have broken crayons lying around your home or a full box, you can easily make these festive little trees. Check out this website to find the tutorial as well as other kid friendly Christmas gifts.


Another gift that is sure to please, the Marshmallow Shooter! You may need to check with parents to make sure they are okay with this gift for their children, but if they are it’s a great gift for both young and old! You can add colorful tape or paint to make this equally as attractive as it is awesome!


Easy and fun! This Tic Tac Toe Rock Set is unbelievably easy and super cute. A great idea for any age.

Around the Home

jewellery holder diy

Looking for something quick and easy, but looks expensive? Try this DIY trinket dish! You can use any glass figurine, so don’t worry if bunnies aren’t your thing. This dish can have endless possibilities!


This priceless Golden Nugget Photo Stand is an excellent gift for anyone who loves photos. Go one step further with this gift and get prints of you and the recipients.


The cutest handmade mug anyone could ask for! This one may say ‘mom’, but you can create any word or design your heart desires. Again with this gift idea, the options are endless.

Simply Clever

Looking to impress people with your ingenious ideas? Try a few of these genius gift ideas!


How adorable are these Tea Trees. Super simple and economical to make. I know I would love to receive one of these as a gift.


Do you know a frequent flier? If so, I am sure they would get a kick out of this DIY Washcloth Travel Kit. Simply sew a washcloth and buy a few travel necessities to place in the pockets you created.

Getting Crafty


I have never heard someone complain about having too many totes! These Monogram Totes are a perfect gift for anyone.


Still on the monogram subject, look how cute these Ombre Monogram Letters are! You can spell out an entire word or just a letter. Choose a color of yarn, grab a letter, and get wrapping!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.39.46 AM

This gift may take a little more time, but we promise it will be worth it! This Map Panel is a beautiful piece and shows you took the time to make it. Nothing about this map picture looks easy, but we promise it won’t be too difficult.

If you are looking for more DIY gift ideas check out our Pintrest page. We have created a huge board of amazing DIY gift ideas and you are sure to find some things that you’d love to make!

DIY Spa Day



Your stomach is full, freezer overflowing with leftovers, and you are probably burnt out. What better time to enjoy a much needed spa day? With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday just ending and Christmas fast approaching, your budget may be a little tight right now. Well, not to worry! Blaine Bowen has a few helpful ideas to create a spa day right in your own home. You may need to run out to the store and get a few things to help make your day wonderfully luxurious, but we promise it will be less expensive than booking a spa weekend!

Sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get ready to discover some excellent relaxation recipes!



Why not set the mood with these beautiful Lavender Candles. You can make them ahead of time and enjoy them while you’re soaking in the bath.


Who doesn’t love chocolate?! So, what is better than a facial made of this wonderful sweet? Try making this chocolate facial for your spa day, it will be good enough to eat!

Maybe chocolate isn’t your thing and we totally understand that! We are sure you will find a mask that you can enjoy in this list of 20 different DIY face masks though! Take a peak and you may find a recipe you MUST try, we know we did!

Spa In A Jar


What better way to tell someone you are thinking about them than by making them a gift? Whether you think you might make them a Holiday gift, or just wanting a sweet way to show people they are important to you, you can make this Mason Jar Spa Kit. This is a fun way to wrap up a spa day in a jar for anyone!


For three times the fun, try the DIY Spa Trio! This set includes a Peppermint Scrub, Peppermint Body Butter (my favorite), and a Peppermint Foot Soak. During this busy Holiday season who wouldn’t love a peppermint filled spa gift?


Love hosting parties? Why not throw a Spa Day party with your besties?! Check out this website to find all the things you need to know and prep for when you throw a Spa Day party.



Give your lips a bit of love with this Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub. You can make it at home and it will cost you a lot less than any lip scrub you can buy at the store!


Let’s talk about hair. We all have it and some of us may overwork it. How about we try and fix that! Check out the website with 5 DIY Hair Masks to help tame you tresses.


Even if you don’t have time for the entire spa experience, we have a few ideas to give you that luxurious spa feeling in minutes.

I love a nice, hot shower as much as the next person, but throw one of these Peppermint Shower Melts in you will never want it to end!


If you’re in a hurry and feeling stressed spritz some Rose Water on your skin! Rose Water is packed with essential vitamins that are excellent for your skin and body. You can buy this rejuvenating spray at multiple retailers, but why buy when you can make it?!


What better way to wrap up your spa day than with a sweet treat made in your own kitchen. These Lemonade Cucumber Pops are both beautiful and delicious! Can you imagine enjoying one of these ice pops while soaking in a warm bath? Divine!

So whether you are needing to unwind or just ready to create a relaxing environment, we hope you have found a new recipe to make your own spa day. If you are looking for more spa ideas though, check out our Pintrest page. We have created quite the list of spa inspired ideas!