2016 Bucket List Ideas

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When the New Year rolls around you can always find people looking for a New Year Resolution. These resolutions aren’t always fully committed to and may fall through in a few months or even weeks. That’s why here at Blaine Bowen we are working on our New Year Bucket List instead!

We have compiled a list of excellent Buck List ideas that don’t include changing your eating habits or body, but rather, focus on having fun and spending time with others. Scroll down and take a look at our list and see if you can find a few ideas worthy of your own 2016 Bucket List.

  1. Spend more time with friends

  2. Eat somewhere new in my city

  3. Be kinder to myself

  4. Go wine tasting

  5. Spend more time with family

  6. Find a new hike each month

  7. Take my dogs on a walk every day

  8. Travel outside the country this year

  9. Start a journal and actually write in it

  10. Leave a positive note for someone on their windshield

  11. Compliment people more

  12. Read 8 books this year

  13. Cook more at home and eat out less

  14. Travel to a new city in the US

  15. Go skydiving

  16. Be positive more than negative

  17. Do more of what makes me happy

  18. Make homemade ice-cream

  19. Go bungee jumping

  20. Reach out to my old friends

  21. Spend less time on social media

  22. Spend more time outside

  23. Ride a zip line

  24. Participate is a water balloon fight

  25. Go whale watching

  26. Go camping

  27. Go to an outside carnival

  28. Go on a road trip

  29. Have a Harry Potter Marathon

  30. Have a paint fight

  31. Tie a secret to a balloon and let it go

  32. Talk to someone new

  33. Go to a concert

  34. Create a budget and stick to it

  35. Go on a picnic

  36. Make popsicles

  37. Try new foods

  38. Go on more bike rides

  39. Plant a garden (even if it is small)

  40. Make s’mores with friends

  41. Host a backyard BBQ

  42. Visit local museums

  43. Go to a live theater event

  44. Pick fruit at a local farm

  45. Go to all the parks in my area

  46. Say ‘Hi’ to my neighbors

  47. Jump on a water trampoline

  48. Go to a drive in movie

  49. Organize everything I own

  50. Volunteer at a local shelter


Love traveling? Go travel!

Love crafting? Get crafty!

This year is about making yourself happy and exploring what you love to do!

So, rather than striving to stick to a diet plan or a 10-day detox, we want to make life fun and enjoy this year. With the above 50 Bucket List ideas we have compiled, we know we can do just that!

What are some of the items on your bucket list?

We would love to hear from you all! Comment on our blog post or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


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