Beating the Winter Blues


Well it’s that season again… WINTER! It comes every year and unless you live in a year-round sunny environment, you may be deprived of the sun from time to time this month. For me, I moved to Texas where I thought I had escaped the cold, but no… it 35 degrees today! What is this?!

For many people when the clouds and cold roll in, so do the winter blues. SAD, or Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, can zap your energy and leave you sluggish, or even depressed.

Here at Blaine Bowen we are fighting the winter blues by staying active and changing the way we look at winter! Below we have compiled a list of ideas and activites that can ZAP your blues, not your spirits!


Let in the light!

Let’s kick off this list by opening up our curtains! When the cold months creep in they don’t only cover the land with wind and chill, they cover the sun! During these winter months open those bedroom curtains early in the morning and soak up as much sun as you can! Some people find it useful to invest in a light box pictured below. Find more information on these nifty devices here.


Plan something to look forward to.

Go on a road trip, host a dinner party, or simply book an appointment at the salon! By having something to look forward to you can improve your mood and actually get excited about each day.


Get moving.

Try kicking the winter blues in a kickboxing class! No worries if kickboxing isn’t your thing, pick a workout and get moving! Exercise raises your serotonin levels and this can make you happier! In the words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

Try some of these indoor workouts to get your heart pumping!


Escape to the outdoors!

I know it is cold, but that’s what winter coats are for! Use your sweatpants for more than couch potato sitting and get outside. Spending time outside can reduce the symptoms of SAD, improve your focus, and lower your stress levels.


Fight the cravings!

Eat wisely! Sitting on the couch under a blanket while binge watching Netflix doesn’t mean you also need to scrape the diet and eat the entire carton of Oreos! Believe me, I can put Oreos away! However, eating sweets and simple cards we can raise your blood sugar and produce a lot of insulin. This ‘sugar high’ can then drop you like a rock and leave you feeling bloated.


Keep healthy snacks on hand.

Below we have a list of healthier snacks you can choose to munch on. These may not be as tasty as the break room donuts, but your body and mood with thank you!

  • Popcorn
  • Oatmeal (original)
  • Nuts
  • Fruit
  • Cottage cheese
  • Whole grain crackers and bread
  • Sun-nut butter
  • Egg whites for oatmeals
  • Prewashed veggies

Find more healthy snack options click here.


Turn up the tunes!

Research shows that listening to upbeat music can improve your mood. Whether it’s for 30 minutes or 5 hours, listening to cheery music you can lift your spirits and maybe even get your heart pumping at the gym! For a fun ‘pick-me-up’ playlist click here!


Lend a helping hand.

Volunteering can have an overwhelmingly positive outcome on your day. Ditch the couch for a few hours and lend a helping hand!


Looking for more ideas on how to bust out of the winter blues? Check out our Pintrest page! We have created a board full of ideas to help you get active and stay happy!


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