Our Spring 2016 Campus Reps

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.15.59 PM.png

The Blaine Bowen ‘B a Boss’ Program last semester was a huge success due to the hard work of all our amazing Campus Reps! After receiving an outstanding number of resumes and awesome ideas for Blaine Bowen events, we have selected our new Campus Reps for the Spring ’16 semester.

This Spring we are welcoming 9 beautiful and hard-working ladies from across the country to represent Blaine Bowen at their Universities. 4 of these girls are PRO Bosses, invited back from the Fall ’15 semester for their excellent work!

What is a Boss?

Our goal behind the ‘B a Boss’ program is to give young women the opportunity to be their own boss and develop entrepreneurial skills, all while doing something they love. Throughout the semester, each one of our reps will be hosting Blaine Bowen events on and off campus, marketing Blaine Bowen to her peers, and taking the business into her own hands.

Make sure to check them out at a University near you, and see how you can grab some BB swag!

Meet our new Campus Reps below!


To see what our Bosses have done so far, check out our Pinterest board following all their activities!

We are thrilled to see what this semester has in store for our new reps! 

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