Blaine Bowen Does the Color Run!!


March is finally here and for the BB gang that means one thing… THE COLOR RUN!! The Blaine Bowen headquarters are in Dallas and this year the Color Run is March 26 and we are buzzing with anticipation!!

This vibrant 5K travels around the US hitting city after city and leaving a trail of colorful powder in its wake. If you haven’t taken part in a Color Run then just imagine a whirl-wind of color, sweat, and laughter. That may not sound amazing, but we promise it is!


The first time we took part in the Color Run we were very skeptical. First of all, we didn’t think we would be able to run a 5K! Soon you will realize that the majority of people participating in this ‘race’ aren’t planning on running either. If you are also worried about being trampled at the beginning of the race like we were, don’t be! The coordinators at the event will space all participants out in sections. Plus, while we were waiting to start the race there was music to dance to, prizes being given out, and even bubbles!!

While you’re walking or running the race you will come along different color checkpoints, this is where things get MESSY! At our race there were Color Run volunteers throwing a particular colored powder into the air. We chose to run through these color check points as to not be drenched in one color. If you are worried about sticky, wet paint being thrown all over you, don’t be. The color they use is a powder and it washes off your skin and hair easily. Just to be safe don’t wear anything that you don’t want stained though.

At the end of my first Color Run there was a Color Ceremony with music blasting and a confetti archway to run through. At the very end of the event we were given a color pouch and were told to throw it into the air! This makes for epic photos!


This post highlights our first experience with the Color Run and all raced may not be the same. Your Color Run experience may be different!

If you have participated in the Color Run and had a different experience comment below! We would love to hear what your race was like.

If you a want to learn more about the Color Run click here.


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Blaine Bowen Nomad Collection

Ready to meet the dream team?!

The newest Blaine Bowen collection will be going live on our website Tuesday, March 1st. Don’t get anxious though, since we love you all we are giving you a sneak peek!!

Take a look below at some of our favorite jewelry pieces from the collection. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more information about the new collection as well!


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Creating a Handmade Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. At Blaine Bowen we are getting ready for the day by creating cards and gifts for all our friends. We love giving handmade presents rather than gifting items from a store. Find some of our handmade gift inspiration below!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Heart Mason Jar


We love this jar! You can fill it with candy, fun notes, or little toys if it is for a child. There are so many ways to decorate this adorable Heart Mason Jar.

Valentine Sock Gift


Who doesn’t love fun socks! These Valentine Socks are an affordable and cute gift ideas for all ages.

Tic-Tac-Toe Gift


You may need to purchase the Tic-Tacs for this gift, but we promise this little Tic-Tac-Toe game will please anyone!

Button Heart Canvas


This Button Heart Canvas is an easy gift to make and a wonderful present to receive. You can personalize the gift with a special charm or dangle a piece of jewelry off the ribbon.

Burt’s Bees ‘Bee Mine’


In a past blog post you may have read I have a slight lip balm obsession. That being said, I would love this Valentine’s Day gift! This Burt’s Bees ‘Bee Mine’ Gift is adorable and will definitely be used by the recipient.

Looking for more handmade Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Click here!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Jar of Hearts Card


Just like the song by Christina Perri, this Jar of Hearts card is a home run!

The Kissing Hand 


This adorable card is perfect for any age. This design may be inspired by a book, but we think this Kissing Hand card is a great ideas for the young and old alike.

Heart Shaker Card


You can be hole-punch happy with this Heart Shaker Card! Just imagine using this tool to create heart confetti for a Valentine’s Day party as well!

Paper Roll Heart Stamp Card


My house has plenty of these paper rolls lying around. Grab one and bend it to create this Paper Roll Heart Stamp Card. You can use any paper and paint color combination to make these cards unique to you!

Button Heart Card


We loved the buttons so much we decided to find a Button Heart Card as well! This card can pair wonderfully with the Button Heart Canvas gift we mentioned above.

Looking for more handmade Valentine’s Day card ideas? Click here!

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Galentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day! A time for love, roses, candy hearts, and people aggravated they don’t have a significant other… Bottle up those emotions and never fear, Galentine’s Day is finally here! Thanks to the wonderful creation of Michael Schur and Greg Daniels, created of Parks and Rec and the wonderful character Leslie Knope, we can celebrate Galentine’s Day on February 13th. Galentine’s Day was featured in season two, episode 16 as a holiday Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, created to celebrate with all her gal-pals. “Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style.” Want to hear Leslie’s explanation for yourself? Click here!

This year Blaine Bowen has decided to celebrate Galentine’s Day with all our lady friends and are sharing some of our ideas of how to throw a perfect Galentine’s Day! From the menu to different photo shoot backdrops, we are going all out for our Galentine’s Day.


We know texting is extremely convenient, but in the age of social media messaging who doesn’t love getting an envelope address to them that isn’t a bill?! Take the time to create a fun and beautiful invitation for all your Galentine’s Day guests. Need a little inspiration? Check out these amazing invitations below.







Pinks, purples, flowers, and glitter. These are all staples of any Valentine’s Day party. Don’t feel like you need to be boxed in though! Explore and get creative.







We love our girlfriends… but food is a close second! Leslie Knope may have featured waffles at all her Galentine’s Day events, but we are leaving the menu up to you. If you need a little inspiration check out some of our favorite recipes below.

Pink Sherbet Punch


Soft Pretzel Hearts


Strawberry Truffle Kisses


Bacon Hearts


Strawberry Brownie Kabobs


Mozzarella Cheese Filled Hearts


Conversation Heart Cookies


Strawberry Crush Mimosas



Need a little more inspiration? Here are a few other images from our perfect Galentine’s Day vision board!









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Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

superbowl-party1.jpgFootball, football, football! That’s all that is on our minds right now. The game, the commercials, and the food. It’s all amazing!

Here at Blaine Bowen we want to ensure that your Super Bowl is stuffed full of amazing snacks and treats whether you are throwing a Super Bowl watching party or relaxing at home with the game on. We know with the recipes below you will find something that will fit your fancy and make you drool for more!

Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs


Looking for a slider, but a little more creative? Check out these adorable and delicious Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs! We will definitely be making these on Sunday.

Slow Cooker Nacho Bar


Is there anything easier than setting up a nacho bar? Completely customizable and an easy snack to prepare and eat!

Salty-Spicy Popcorn


Who doesn’t love popcorn?! It’s easy to make, easy to eat, and easy to clean up after! We are definitely loving this snack.

Taco Pizza Rolls


Two amazing Gameday foods rolled into one… literally!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs


Don’t worry about Salmonella, these little football treats are egg-free! They are easy to make and don’t require baking. Yes, please!

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring


Everyone’s favorite wing is now available in an easier to eat crescent roll! Add a dish of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing and you are ready to rock your Super Bowl party!

Sriracha Mac and Cheese Cups


Kick your game into high gear with a little spice! These Sriracha Mac and Cheese Cups are amazing. Make sure to have a drink nearby though!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs


We promise you won’t want to pass on these! Find the recipe for these yummy footballs here.

Chicken and Waffle Sliders


Not only do these Chicken and Waffle Sliders look adorable and delicious, they are super simple to make!

Loaded Funfetti Desert Nachos


We died and went to desert heaven… 🙂 Try these Loaded Funfetti Dessert Nachos, we promise you will not be disappointed! Try using sprinkles with your team’s colors for a festive twist.

Blaine Bowen hopes you have an amazing Super Bowl! Even if your team doesn’t win we know you will still have any awesome time making all these delicious recipes.

Don’t forget to tag us in all your Super Bowl festivities as well!

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