Creating a Handmade Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. At Blaine Bowen we are getting ready for the day by creating cards and gifts for all our friends. We love giving handmade presents rather than gifting items from a store. Find some of our handmade gift inspiration below!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Heart Mason Jar


We love this jar! You can fill it with candy, fun notes, or little toys if it is for a child. There are so many ways to decorate this adorable Heart Mason Jar.

Valentine Sock Gift


Who doesn’t love fun socks! These Valentine Socks are an affordable and cute gift ideas for all ages.

Tic-Tac-Toe Gift


You may need to purchase the Tic-Tacs for this gift, but we promise this little Tic-Tac-Toe game will please anyone!

Button Heart Canvas


This Button Heart Canvas is an easy gift to make and a wonderful present to receive. You can personalize the gift with a special charm or dangle a piece of jewelry off the ribbon.

Burt’s Bees ‘Bee Mine’


In a past blog post you may have read I have a slight lip balm obsession. That being said, I would love this Valentine’s Day gift! This Burt’s Bees ‘Bee Mine’ Gift is adorable and will definitely be used by the recipient.

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Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Jar of Hearts Card


Just like the song by Christina Perri, this Jar of Hearts card is a home run!

The Kissing Hand 


This adorable card is perfect for any age. This design may be inspired by a book, but we think this Kissing Hand card is a great ideas for the young and old alike.

Heart Shaker Card


You can be hole-punch happy with this Heart Shaker Card! Just imagine using this tool to create heart confetti for a Valentine’s Day party as well!

Paper Roll Heart Stamp Card


My house has plenty of these paper rolls lying around. Grab one and bend it to create this Paper Roll Heart Stamp Card. You can use any paper and paint color combination to make these cards unique to you!

Button Heart Card


We loved the buttons so much we decided to find a Button Heart Card as well! This card can pair wonderfully with the Button Heart Canvas gift we mentioned above.

Looking for more handmade Valentine’s Day card ideas? Click here!

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