Blaine Bowen Does the Color Run!!


March is finally here and for the BB gang that means one thing… THE COLOR RUN!! The Blaine Bowen headquarters are in Dallas and this year the Color Run is March 26 and we are buzzing with anticipation!!

This vibrant 5K travels around the US hitting city after city and leaving a trail of colorful powder in its wake. If you haven’t taken part in a Color Run then just imagine a whirl-wind of color, sweat, and laughter. That may not sound amazing, but we promise it is!


The first time we took part in the Color Run we were very skeptical. First of all, we didn’t think we would be able to run a 5K! Soon you will realize that the majority of people participating in this ‘race’ aren’t planning on running either. If you are also worried about being trampled at the beginning of the race like we were, don’t be! The coordinators at the event will space all participants out in sections. Plus, while we were waiting to start the race there was music to dance to, prizes being given out, and even bubbles!!

While you’re walking or running the race you will come along different color checkpoints, this is where things get MESSY! At our race there were Color Run volunteers throwing a particular colored powder into the air. We chose to run through these color check points as to not be drenched in one color. If you are worried about sticky, wet paint being thrown all over you, don’t be. The color they use is a powder and it washes off your skin and hair easily. Just to be safe don’t wear anything that you don’t want stained though.

At the end of my first Color Run there was a Color Ceremony with music blasting and a confetti archway to run through. At the very end of the event we were given a color pouch and were told to throw it into the air! This makes for epic photos!


This post highlights our first experience with the Color Run and all raced may not be the same. Your Color Run experience may be different!

If you have participated in the Color Run and had a different experience comment below! We would love to hear what your race was like.

If you a want to learn more about the Color Run click here.


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