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At Blaine Bowen we keep all of our social media accounts fresh and full of awesome posts, tips, and pictures!  For our last blog post in March we decided to take a look back at a few of our favorite Blaine Bowen Instagram posts. Our Instagram account is by far our favorite outlet for posting awesome BB jewelry pictures, adventures, and inspiring quote we find.

Take a “scroll” down memory lane with us and see some of our favorite BB moment!




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St. Patrick’s Day

shamrock.jpgKiss me, I’m Irish!!

Later this week the Blaine Bowen gang will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Created as a celebration for Saint Patrick in the 17th century, St. Patrick’s Day is the official Christian feast day. Nowadays you can find landmarks around the U.S. lit up green in celebration of the day. Most people wear green clothing adorn with shamrocks and leprechauns, parades block off streets, and bars full of people celebrating this mid-March holiday.

As the resident Mixologist at Blaine Bowen I have prepared a list of the drink recipes we will definitely be attempting to make this St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t let the bright colors fool you though, these pack quite the punch.

Shamrock Shake Up


Evergreen Party Punch


Emerald Isle


Green with Envy Cocktail


Shamrock Juice

shamrock juice.jpg

Lucky Leprechaun Cocktail


Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss

leprechaun kiss.jpg

Green Sangria

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.51.09 PM.png


If you live in Dallas, TX like us Blaine Bowen girls then you may want to check out the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday March, 19th!

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B’s Picks!


They are here!!

After a long build-up we are finally ready to launch the ‘B’s Picks’ page on our website!

Our beautiful designer Blaine has traveled all over the globe seeking out inspiration. Her travels not only inspire new Blaine Bowen collections, but also bring you all new artisan creations!

Today we are launching ‘B’s Picks’ featuring the work of Shannon McDonald. Her use of bold colors, geometric shapes, and hand drawn Evil Eye designs make her pieces eye catching and truly unique.

Below you will find the selection that we at Blaine Bowen have chosen to feature. Scroll down and take a look at Shannon McDonald’s beautiful work.

pic copy.jpg

1.  Anandi Evil Eye Pillow: $40

2. Evil Eye Dish: $15

3. Turquoise Dish: $15

4. Devi Evil Eye Pillow: $40

To view the above items on our website, click here.

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