Brilliant Braids


Braids are definitely having their moment right now and we couldn’t be happier!! We are in braid heaven over here at Blaine Bowen and are trying our hand at every single braid we can find.

Below we have compiled a few of our favorite styles. Some of these we have tried and adore and others we are looking forward to trying. Scroll down and see which one of these styles you want to try!


Click here to see how this double braided pony tail was created.


Up your braid game with this braided crown. Click here to find out how to create this style.


This five strand braid and bun is the perfect hairstyle for work or play! Click here to find out how they created this look, plus a few more!


Find out how they created this braid with a high ponytail here.


Go to any marathon and I am positive you will see these braids. Known as the Dutch Boxer Braid, these braids will last all day long! Find out how to create them here.


Simple and sweet, the Waterfall Braid is a goto style that never disappoints. Check out how to create this look here.

010516_TopsyFishtailBraid.jpgLoving the Topsy Fishtail Braid? Check out how to make it here!


Don’t worry if you don’t have the same amount of voume in your hair to achieve this look. By adding extensions you can create a ton of voume and pull off this hairstyle. Check out how to create this amazing braided ponytail here.

Looking for more brilliant braids and amazing hairstyles? Check out our Pinterest board with tons of awesome hairstyles.logo.jpg

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