Wedding Skin & Hair Prep

So if you have not so awesome skin, like myself, it can be difficult to not stress about your face, let alone when it comes to your wedding day.  So, from the Melasma and acne queen herself…I’m letting you in on some things that have changed my skin in a drastic way.  Anything I can do to remove a little stress for you fellow Brides, i’m here to help!  Who knew this whole Wedding process could put you in a self induced coma!?

About 4 weeks out, I got a Chemical Peel.  I swear by these for my Melasma and skin texture, and I think it really helps with my acne and previous scarring.  What to expect? A whole lotta burnin’ and tinglin’ for about 5-8 minutes and then viola! You’re done and ready to be on your way to shedding like a Snake.  You’ll need to book this at a Medspa and make sure to go to a reputable one.  I always get a 2nd Chemical Peel 2 weeks after my first, it gets of the leftover dry skin and any discoloration still left.  My  go to place in Dallas is Rejuve MedSpa.  If you want a more price friendly alternative, go for an at home peel like Dr. Dennis Peel

I also LOVE DermaPlane, if you have never done it…it’s amazing. They use a surgical blade on your face and it removes dead skin and the baby hairs on your face.  I love to do these 2 weeks after my 2nd Chemical Peel and your skin is just, Whoa! Not to mention, your makeup will go on like a dream.  If you find the MedSpa menu to be too pricey, try this alternative at home product from DermaFlash 

My next secret weapon before any event is SKII Sheet Masks.  I have been using these for years and they always do wonders for my skin.  I know they are pricey but-they work…and I look at my skin/body like an investment.  I use these masks at bed time a few times a week, and then use the leftover serum thats in the pouch for at least 2 days! These masks even out skin tone, hydrate and heal.  They are beyond amazing.  Before my Wedding, my skin has been insane with stress and I got sick-so, I’m a flippin’ disaster and a chromosome short of being the equivalent to a bucket of Shrimp.  So I’ve been doing one sheet mask at night, and one in the morning-then applying leftover serum from the packet throughout the day.  OVERKILL, I KNOW.  BUT, my skin is insanely loving it and it has healed so nicely.  So if you’re ever in a true crises in the 11th hour, here’s a trusty super hero to save your butt.

If you get hormonal cystic (that time of the month) acne like I do, you may want to talk to your Dermatologist about a medication called Spironolactone.  It has truly saved my skin from those painful Mt. Kilimanjaro lumps.

For a finishing touch, a spray tan can give you that perfect glow.  My favorite solution from a professional is ‘Aviva Labs’ and I do the rapid dark.  It’s pretty much a ready to wear solution and doesn’t turn you a funny color, feel sticky or smell.  If your salon doesn’t have Aviva Labs, and you can’t convince them to carry it, I go for the Norvelle Dark solution.  Its a runner up in my book.  Not into the salon? These self tanners are my favorite: Vita Liberata and then I use Tan Towels to extend the tan and keep it even.

Now onto that hair girl…

So if you’re not a perfect super human mermaid/Unicorn like Blake Lively, you’ve got some issues with that Hurr.  For me, its dermatitis on my scalp I’ve had it since I was in high school, but its gotten worse the older I get.  My scalp gets so itchy that I can literally have cuts all over my head and then my hair thins.  I finally found something that has helped other than this hardcore and harsh medicated Shampoo from my Derm called Ovace and it is NOT Color treated hair friendly.  It strips my highlights in just a few uses, so I was trying alternatives to manage it.  Thankfully JustNatural is an amazing company with so many amazing and natural products.  The Psoraisis Tonic has helped my scalp SO much its insane, and well as the Dandruff Vinegar Rinse .  I also use their Shampoos and Conditioners and it leaves your hair insanely nourished and soft.

Even with all those great products, I felt like my hair still needed some TLC.  My little sister turned me onto Viviscal and I’ll never go back.  I absolutely love it and highly recommend it!  I have definitely noticed stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

I’ve also had issues with my eyelashes and filling in a bald spot in my eyebrows, my knowledgeable and adorbs little sister turned me onto these products:  RevitaBrow and RevitaLash and they are amazing!  Let me preface, they won’t work well if you don’t use them every day.

My last secret is one of my absolute favorite things on this world…Coconut oil.  Eat it, pull it, wear it…what can’t, Coconut Oil do?!  I learned a trick from our girl Blake Lively who uses this trick in the shower…she covers her ends of her hair in Coconut Oil before she showers to prevent stripping and her ends drying out. I started doing it and i’m ADDICTED…Not to mention totally convenient because I also lather on Coconut oil all over my body and on my face before on shower, the steam from your shower helps soak it into your skin so a lot gets absorbed and you don’t have to leave the shower all greasy…Just pat dry and enjoy smelling like a tropical dream!

Hope you loved these fun tips!