My year with triple D’s…and I’m not referring to my cup size.

Ok, so maybe it’s been a little over a year…I can honestly say I wouldn’t change it for the world..

Dallas (1st D): I moved. I moved for my then boyfriend and promised myself I would NEVER do such a thing. Because ‘independent women’ don’t do that and we are just fine on our own. But I loved him, he is super good looking (like ridiculously good looking) and I knew he was ‘the one’. Left my job, my friends, my family, my favorite city and place that I have ever called home. Ahhh Chicago. If you have never been, better buy yourself a ticket this second (go any time outside of Decemeber-February) and tell me it’s not the best place EVER.

So, we moved to Dallas, the real estate man’s dream…where money grows on trees, you can definitely get a good bang for your buck, and a $30,000 millionaire DOES exist. We wanted that ‘Downtown’ feel without living in Downtown Dallas, which brought us to Uptown where we are older than most by roughly 10 years (sigh…). I ate and drank my way through all the BBQ, Tex Mex and Jack-in-the-Box joints and 12 pounds later decided this girl needed a J-O-B. Didn’t want to take the first opportunity that came my way, because 1st opportunity usually = desperate choice, which = bad choice (these things take time), which = unhappy Sara, which = resenting my better half, Matthew, and that = shit hitting the fan (don’t worry, that never happened).

No, shit never hit the fan…but guess what, I did take a job out of being bored and impatient and was NOT HAPPY. In order for me to be happy in my new life I needed to LIKE my job. Didn’t necessarily need or expect to love it, but needed to LIKE it. Well, I didn’t…and then I came across (angel music please) ‘Blaine Bowen’. Blaine Bowen was looking to hire an office assistant Mon-Fri, hours 11-4, and I had an opportunity to go back to my roots and use my experience again in the retail/fashion/styling industry. This was PERFECT. Yes, maybe a little bit of a step back from where I started, but you gotta start at the bottom and move your way up, am I right?! Fast-forward six months…absolutely LOVING my job, I am NOT the office assistant, and I get to work with Badass chicks (that’s right, Blaine and Angela!).

Take-aways from my 1st D:

  1. Don’t be stubborn, if an opportunity presents itself, then go for it or support your significant other in that situation.
  2. Take risks. Did I WANT to move? No. Did I HAVE to move? Technically no. But you only live once; you never want to live with regret.
  3. Be patient in finding what works for you. Whether it’s a job, a car, you name it…don’t rush it.
  4. Don’t beat yourself up about the Texas weight gain…the food, the booze, it’s all SO good. You’ll lose it, trust me. Just stop being a FAT ASS

Diamonds (2nd D): I got engaged. Then I got married. Well, not one immediately after the other, but trust me there were plenty of diamonds involved. I royally F***cked up Matt’s proposal, poor thing, but he forgave me (he had no choice).

Everything in between the proposal to the wedding was a blur…I was not a ‘Bridezilla’ per say, but I definitely was not an easy going, laid back bride during the planning stages. Trust me on this, you can ask Blaine (and her husband), I was NOT pleasant. Nine months later we got married and as cliché as it sounds it was the BEST day of my LIFE. We got married in Downtown Detroit (yes it is safe and no I’m not from the “D”, I grew up in the suburbs) surrounded by 250 of our closest family and friends and partied like there was no tomorrow. Next stop…Southeast Asia to visit Thailand and Bali for almost 3 weeks…it was HEAVEN.

Take-aways from my 2nd D:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to planning a wedding…people don’t remember the little things.
  2. DO invest in great entertainment (whether that be band or DJ) and booze.
  3. Do NOT drink too much at your rehearsal dinner because you do not want to feel like shit for your big day.
  4. Try to stick with your fiancé/husband throughout the whole weekend…you want to experience it all together 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.08.34 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.09.12 PM

Doggy (3rd D): I am officially a mommy!!!! To the CUTEST fur baby to ever walk this earth (sorry to those who think the same about their own….I win). His name is Logan and he is a delicious mushy Bernedoodle from Ohio.

Funny story about how we got him…Bernedoodles I guess are the new “it” dog. I did not know this, I have been obsessed with them for over 4 years. So, to get on a waitlist alone is a pain in the a** and THEN you have to wait at LEAST 9 months to a year to actually get the never-sleeping, constantly whining, full of poopy, little fur ball (so worth it though).

Persistence is KEY, people. I decided to do my own research, thanks to the help of my bestie Jenny, and joined EVERY doodle group on Facebook. Yes, EVERY one. I started posting on every page like a psychopath to see if anyone knew of any available Bernedoodle puppies, knowing that my chances were slim to none because these babies sell like hotcakes. Well guess what!!! Someone responded back to me, had our dream puppy, and we got him within 3 weeks!

To good to be true, right? We thought the same thing. Our friends had bets going that we were getting robbed and that the breeder wasn’t real and laughed at us for throwing thousands of dollars out the door. Well, did we show them or what?! We have the happiest, healthiest little puppy and have never loved anything more (but seriously, Matt and I both love the puppy more than we love each other and we are both TOTALLY fine with that).

Take-aways from my 3rd D:

  1. Do NOT get a puppy unless you are both mentally and financially ready to do so (I know you have heard this before, but still…) They are exhausting to train and cost a fortune!
  2. Prep yourself for no sleep and have PLENTY of carpet stain cleaner and other household cleaners because accidents WILL happen, no matter how ‘perfect’ your puppy is.
  3. Enjoy the crazy puppy phase because they will grow up before you know it.
  4. If you are having trouble finding a breeder or are on a long waitlist for a puppy, I highly recommend joining a Facebook group and getting the word out there for what you are looking for. You never know what you may find J

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.09.23 PM

Well, folks…I know that was long but I had a very LARGE (no pun intended ;-)) Triple D year. So many milestones and so many memories. Icing on the cake: I am officially a Texan! DMV had me there for 4 hours…on my damn birthday…cool, Texas.