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Top 10 Trends I Pray Don’t Spill Over Into 2018

With every New Year comes a new trend…and with every new trend comes a new extreme. Unfortunately, 2017 came with a handful of dreadful, unnecessary, and even dangerous trends that are difficult for me to wrap my head around. Below you will find my top ten!

  1. Over-Plumping Lips:

Lip injections, fine.  Not everyone is born with Angelina Jolie lips. But since when are ducks a desirable beauty and fashion trend? I’m sorry, Kylie, but no.sara1.png

  1. Super Cropped Tops:

This includes the ever-so-lovely Under Boob. There are different levels to the crop top, from sexy and done-right to ‘is she just wearing a bra’?  This is one level that must GO. Buh-bye.


  1. Crazy Contouring:

Or should I say crazy clowning? These pictures are real. No joke.sara3.png

  1. These Boots:

I don’t care if they’re made by Yeezy, they sure are making me queasy.sara4.png

  1. Fake Glasses:

Only wear them if you need them! If you’re trying to ‘look smarter’, then go buy a book and carry it around with you. Better yet, buy a stethoscope and wear it as a necklace!


  1. This Man bun:

Again, different levels to a man bun. Go for sexy and stylish, not shapeless and scary (Sorry, Leo).


  1. Almond Shaped Acrylic Nails:

Am I the only person that finds these insanely unattractive…and dangerous?!sara7.png

  1. Mom Jeans:

I have yet to find them attractive on anyone. Ever.sara8.png

  1. Tank Top Over Shirt Combo:

I know Cher and Dionne could rock it…but you can’t.  This is one 90’s comeback that should have never come back.


  1. Oversized Tee and Running Shorts (that are hidden?):

I REALLY don’t understand this one. I have only seen this since I moved to Texas, so don’t know if this is a Southern college girl thing. I don’t get it…it couldn’t be less attractive if you tried. At least shopping in your dad’s closet is a lot cheaper than at Nordstrom!


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