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Blaine’s Hair Product Favs

My Go-To Hair Favorites, some introduced to me by my Bestie & Favourite Hair & Makeup Guru of half a decade, Seama Eftekhari ( @seama901 ), a Master Stylist from Nine Zero One Salon in LA. Click on the links to shop anything you're interested in! For convenience for you all, I try to link… Continue reading Blaine’s Hair Product Favs

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Put the ‘Happy’ Back in Happy Hour

My go to items to save me from a crappy morning after...because ain't nobody got time for that!  Drink Pure Wine's Wine Wands and Waves  The ULTIMATE lifesaver to keep enjoying that wine without all the crummy morning after side effects.  I swear by these products.  Wine is my FAVORITE! But I had to stop… Continue reading Put the ‘Happy’ Back in Happy Hour

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FRIENDVENTORY: Why You Should Take It.

We've all had toxic friendships, it's a part of life and learning.  But, at what point do we all stop going down the road of a potential disaster and take a turn down a different path?  When do we stop giving life to current relationships that no longer serve a positive purpose & always end… Continue reading FRIENDVENTORY: Why You Should Take It.

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Blast From The Past: Must See Movies You’ve Totally Forgotten About

Because they just don't make'em like they used to... MUST SEE MOVIES THAT WILL TAKE YOU BACK TO YOUR CHILDHOOD The Black Stallion  The Secret Garden  (1993) FernGully  The Goonies Look Who's Talking Hocus Pocus The Little Rascals A Little Princess Little Giants  3 Ninjas Camp Nowhere Blank Check The Baby Sitters Club Ladybugs Homeward… Continue reading Blast From The Past: Must See Movies You’ve Totally Forgotten About

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Wedding Skin & Hair Prep

So if you have not so awesome skin, like myself, it can be difficult to not stress about your face, let alone when it comes to your wedding day.  So, from the Melasma and acne queen herself...I'm letting you in on some things that have changed my skin in a drastic way.  Anything I can… Continue reading Wedding Skin & Hair Prep