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Blaine’s Hair Product Favs

My Go-To Hair Favorites, some introduced to me by my Bestie & Favourite Hair & Makeup Guru of half a decade, Seama Eftekhari ( @seama901 ), a Master Stylist from Nine Zero One Salon in LA. Click on the links to shop anything you're interested in! For convenience for you all, I try to link… Continue reading Blaine’s Hair Product Favs

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Top 10 Trends I Pray Don’t Spill Over Into 2018

With every New Year comes a new trend…and with every new trend comes a new extreme. Unfortunately, 2017 came with a handful of dreadful, unnecessary, and even dangerous trends that are difficult for me to wrap my head around. Below you will find my top ten! Over-Plumping Lips: Lip injections, fine.  Not everyone is born… Continue reading Top 10 Trends I Pray Don’t Spill Over Into 2018


Just Add Water

We'll have you beach-ready in no time with some of my favorite swimwear looks and lines!  Pair these cute suits with our boho chic jewelry and you'll be you turning heads on the beach, not the sunshine 🙂 xoxo B Blaine Bowen, Vinyl Record Bracelets Just Add Water by blaine-muhl featuring a triangle swimwear Mara… Continue reading Just Add Water


Sweetheart Style

Tomorrow is the day that you either enjoy a romantic night out with your man, or are pouring glasses upon glasses of wine at the Man-Haters Club with your girlfriends. Either way, we believe Valentines should be celebrated in style and with those that love you -- no matter who it is. Blaine's matched outfits… Continue reading Sweetheart Style


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Candy hearts have taken over our office and Valentine's confetti is everywhere. While your man is prepping for the biggest day of his life, The Super Bowl, you can be preparing for one of yours - Valentine's Day. We've gathered a few of Blaine's favorite gifts she's gotten lately and some of our best Spring… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Filling Voids + Super Bowl Style

This is the first weekend in months that we haven't been watching football or cheering our teams on in the stands, and we are truly suffering from withdrawals. Luckily, we can fill the void with our other favorite pastime-- shopping! It's no secret Blaine is a sports fanatic, so she's designed an exclusive set of… Continue reading Filling Voids + Super Bowl Style